Gastro bin dimensions (in millimeters)

Tailles et formats des bacs gn gastronormes

GN 2/1: 650 x 530

GN 1/1: 325 x 530

GN 2/4 : 162 x 530

GN 2/3 : 354 x 325

GN 1/3: 176 x 325

GN 1/2: 265 x 325

GN 1/4 : 162 x 265

GN 1/6 : 162 x 176

GN 1/9 : 108 x 176

The gastronorm bins we offer on Gastroland correspond to standardized sizes and are available in depths of 20, 40, 65, 100, 150 and 200 mm for stainless steel bins;

Available in depths of 65, 100, 150 and 200 mm for polypropylene, tritan and polycarbonate containers, as well as for high-temperature and vacuum containers. To find out more about gastronorm bins and find the one that's right for you, take a look at our dedicated articles.

Gn 1/1 containers

All foodservice professionals are all too familiar with the standardized Gn 1/1 format, a container used by the vast majority of professional and institutional kitchens. GN containers are ideal for food preparation, cooking, reheating, freezing and transporting. Gastroland's range of gastronorm containers includes the Gn 1/1. Whether you're looking for a Gn 1/1 tray in stainless steel, polycarbonate or polypropylene, with or without lid, with or without perforation, we can supply you with products of unanimously acclaimed quality and unbeatable value for money. What's more, whether you work in the catering trade or in any other gastronomy-related profession, our Gn 1/1 bins will fit in perfectly with all the standardized professional equipment in your kitchens. By opting for Gastroland's Gn 1/1 bins, you'll be able to experience the great versatility of this product in your various daily tasks. The Gn 1/1 gastro bins available from Gastroland come in a range of depths to suit your specific needs. We can offer you Gn 1/1 bins for a wide range of uses in your business. While our Gn 1/1 bins are ideal for cooking and storing food, they can also be used to present your dishes to customers. Versatile, practical and functional, our Gn 1/1 tray is one of those items that can significantly improve the organization of your professional kitchens, making you more comfortable and more efficient. No need to wait any longer to discover the extent of our selection of Gn 1/1 bins, which will fully satisfy the high demands of a catering professional like you.