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Polycarbonate has been banned for food contact in France since January 01, 2015

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The usefulness of gastronorm containers in the foodservice sector is well established. Thanks to their standardized dimensions, these products can be used in shelving, on carts, in ovens or in displays. At Gastroland, you'll find a wide range of gastro bins to suit your professional needs. In addition to the question of dimensions, depth and height, one of your first concerns when discovering our offer will be to select the material that will make up the gastro bins you wish to acquire. Among the Gastroland range of gastronorm bins, you'll find our polycarbonate models. These are easy to identify, as the material is totally transparent, making them the ideal presentation material for all your food preparations for customers. By making Gastroland your official supplier of polycarbonate gastro trays, you'll also benefit from excellent value for money, given that polycarbonate containers are generally more expensive to buy than models made from other materials. What's more, you won't regret buying polycarbonate containers, as this material also boasts excellent resistance to the most extreme temperatures, since you can use it without the slightest difficulty between -100°C and 138°C. So you see: depending on the type of business you're in, a polycarbonate gastro tub will be just what you're looking for, all the more so as these products are remarkably long-lasting. To discover the extent of our selection of polycarbonate GS containers on Gastroland, don't wait any longer. We'll also be happy to advise you on your choice of polycarbonate bins.

Plastic bins

Essential in the catering industry, gastro bins or gastronorm bins are used in many different ways in your daily life. Whether you're preparing, storing, displaying or cooking the foodstuffs you eat every day, these gastronorm bins need to be chosen with the utmost care, and from a supplier who guarantees their quality and reliability. At Gastroland, you'll find all the GN products you need as a professional. Strictly in line with international standards, our GN containers have been manufactured to meet the exacting requirements of professionals like you. In addition to the dimensions of the containers you're looking for, there's also the question of their material. At Gastroland, you'll find a range of materials to choose from, including plastic. Our plastic gastro bins come in a range of materials, from polycarbonate to polypropylene. Each type of plastic used in our gastro bins has specific properties, which should guide your choice depending on how you intend to use them. The polycarbonate plastic gastro tub, for example, has the advantage of being transparent and remarkably resistant to breakage. Its high rigidity means it can be used in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +100°C. The plastic polypropylene gastronorm tray, on the other hand, has a frosted appearance and, like its counterpart, is highly resistant to breakage and deformation, and can be used between -30°C and +75°C. Whatever your preferences and intended use, Gastroland is the undisputed benchmark for plastic gastro trays. Whether you need advice or GN containers, we're here to help.