Polypropylene lids GN 1/9

Find the largest selection of Polypropylene lids in GN 1/9 sizes, excellent value for money and in stock at Gastroland.co.uk

1/1 GN hermetic polypropylene lid
In stock
Polypropylene lids

Watertight polypropylene lid GN 1/9

GN 1/9 leak-proof polypropylene lid BPA-free Dimensions 176 x 106 mm Compatible only with our polypropylene containers
Hermetically sealed polypropylene lid GN 1/9
En stock
Polypropylene lid GN 1/9 Dimensions 176 x 108 mm Available colors: Clear, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple Compatible only with our polypropylene bins
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