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Gastroland offers a wide range of gastro trays, particularly suited to restaurants, brasseries, ice cream parlors, local authorities and private individuals. An essential item in the catering trade, visit our website to discover our professional gastro tubs, GN tubs, gastronorm tubs, ice-cream tubs and stainless steel tubs.

All our gastronorm bins have been selected for their excellent quality/price ratio.

Our different ranges

Stainless steel 18/10, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Tritan, HACCP, High Temperature and Glacier are just some of the categories in the wide range of Gastroland gastronorm bins and food handling equipment.

European standards

All our bins are food-safe and comply with European standards.

Buy quality professional equipment at the best price: Gastroland is a cheerful, professional and dynamic team at your service!

The size of our bins

The Gastroland range of gastronorm containers is available in stainless steel depths of 20, 40, 65, 100, 150 and 200 mm.

Available in depths of 65, 100, 150 and 200 mm for polypropylene, tritan and polycarbonate bins, as well as for high-temperature bins.

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Gastro Bins for professionals


A must-have article

If you're in the food service industry (restaurants, breweries, ice cream parlors or even local authorities), and even if you're a private individual, the gastronorm tray is an essential item whose usefulness will prove itself on a daily basis. If you're looking to equip yourself with gastronorm bins that offer unique performance and can be used for cooking, storing, reheating, transporting, rapid chilling and even presenting your food in the context of your professional activities, it's best to turn to a reference in the field of gastronorm bins.


A wide range of bins

Gastroland, a leading specialist in gastro bins, offers you a wide range of GN bins to suit your needs and the specific requirements of your profession. In our range of professional gastro bins, you'll find GN bins, ice cream bins and stainless steel bins of incomparable quality and excellent value for money.


Great adaptability

Fully aware of your exacting standards, Gastroland is committed to supplying you with standardized bins that will fit in perfectly with your professional kitchen shelving, bain-marie, dishwasher, refrigerator, display units and carts. Whether you're looking for an 18/10 stainless steel tub, a polycarbonate tub, a Tritan tub or an HACCP tub, Gastroland has the tubs you're looking for.


Standard-compliant bins

You should also know that all our bins are "food-safe", and each of our products scrupulously complies with current European standards. To store, preserve, reheat or even cook your food in the best possible conditions, don't hesitate for a single second and discover our selection of gastronorm bins, whose performance, durability and ease of use are unanimously acclaimed by many professionals in the catering sector.


Precise dimensions

As a catering professional (CRH or otherwise), the term gastro is no stranger to you, since it governs a large part of your activities. A gastro tub, for example, is a container used in the food service sector for storing, preparing, cooking and transporting food. Also referred to as GN containers, the gastro containers you can find at Gastroland comply fully with the particularly precise dimensional standards implemented today by all European manufacturers of gastro products.


Organization and comfort

This gastro standard dates back to the 1960s. At that time, various Swiss restaurant associations had expressed their difficulties in terms of work organization, and their desire for standardized products to improve efficiency and working comfort. However, it wasn't until 1993 that the EN631-1 standard was officially introduced by the European Committee for Standardization, and became the norm in all culinary circles.


Identical bins

For a professional like you, as for all other players in the professional catering sector, this gastro standard means that you can use identical gastro bins for all your different jobs. At Gastroland, you'll find a complete range of high-quality gastro bins. Whatever gastro products you're considering, we're committed to providing you with gastro products that can be used for shelving, warehousing and transportation.


Hot or cold

Each of our gastro items can be used in a cooling cell, refrigerated counter or bain-marie with the same level of performance. Don't hesitate any longer to discover Gastroland's range of gastro products.

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